Cultural Saga

Yoga sessions

At Samana, we promote awareness about different yoga practices and related unlimited benefits that can possibly improve the quality of one’s life. The experienced yoga teachers help the practitioners how they can perform different asanas perfectly and skillfully and gain required benefits. Pranayama is a kind of breath exercise; it leaves miraculous benefits on practitioners’ health. Learning about it doesn’t only help yogi to get fresh oxygenated air and improve blood circulation, but the secret of long and quality life, amazing peace of mind and strong immunity also are all core benefits of practising pranayama skillfully. The still and comfortable environment at Samana proves a great place to practice all kind of yoga. 

Bullock cart ride

Experience an escorted ride around the village Bommuru Agrahara on a bullock cart. Bullock cart was one of the prominent means of transport in ancient India.

This joy ride on a bullock cart is an amusing and slow means of travel in otherwise fast-paced world. It is the rudimentary way of travelling in Indian Villages and riding on this rickety cart is an experience in itself. You get a glimpse of village life without any barriers of windows. You get to see the village people, their lifestyle, farming and their other activities. You enjoy the stunning views and fresh and tasty sugarcane. The relaxed pace of the cart, moving in sync, with the jingle of the bullock’s neck bells will certainly take you back in time. It will be an unforgettable and exciting experience. 

River Rafting

Samana brings to you the opportunity to experience thrilling Indian river rafting in its traditional sense and form. This activity carried out in a traditional wooden boat, not only entertains but  fills you with enthusiasm and energy and removes all your worries and lets you be carefree as a child.

Manasa Puja

‘Manasa’ means mind and ‘puja ‘ means worshipping the Lord. Manasa puja signifies worshipping the Lord in the mind. Arrangements for the puja are simple but very captivating. It is performed at evening when in complete darkness, a clay lamp is lit on a banana leaf. Along with it flowers, kumkum powder and rice are kept beside. We chant Sanskrit shlokas (prayers) and take resolutions for ourselves. This way puja bring peace and harmony among us. 

Ganapathi homa

The workshop will commence performing the Ganapathi homam thus giving the grand and auspicious welcome to the participants. It is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Lord of success and remover of obstacles. It is believed that by doing this ritual a venture begins and successfully runs in a smooth manner. By the same token, homam also called as yagna creates a nutritional and medicinal atmosphere. It rejuvenates the brain cells revitalizes the skin and prevents growth of pathogenic organisms. In the homam preliminary offerings are poured in to the havan kund with the invocation of God. This way Lord Ganesha is believed to remove obstacles not only in the material world but also in one’s spiritual progress. 

Classical Indian Dance

Samana imparts you exemplary opportunity to visualize and learn some basics of one of the traditional Indian dance, Bharatnatyam. 

Bhajan sessions

The goal of bhakti yoga is to recover our natural sense of connectedness with that one supreme God by serving him with love. Bhakti yoga will involve a wonderful and memorable session for devotional songs or bhajans where the  participants will get a chance to tune in with the Almighty, sing his bhajans in Sanskrit, the holy language, dance , play instruments and thus glorify Him.

Traditional food tasting

 “We are what we eat”
Samana plans to provide sattvic and sanctified diet which is meant to include simple and healthy food habits. Samana caters nutritious diet. The menu includes the regional food of Karnataka which is enriched with a variety of millets and leafy vegetables and tasty salads which keeps you energetic for the whole day. Its speciality is that its home made, healthy and organic food. Vegetables supply is from a fresh local market which comes directly from the farmer and thus ensures the quality. The Indian tea or detoxifying kashaya with traditional Indian medicinal herbs and aromatic flavors energizes you for the evening beautiful and calm. 

Ethnic wear

The workshop enraptures you with some blithesome cultural activities. It would be a pleasurable experience to dress up in an Indian attire- a beautiful Indian saree for women and kurta for men. The graceful attire will be complemented by bindi, flowers , bangles and excuisite designs on hands using henna, which otherwise serves as a coolant too. 


The hands and feet are beautifully decorated and adorned with henna designs. Henna not only adds to the beauty and an accessory to ethnic wear but also acts as a coolant. 

Indian Festival Celebration

India is a land of rich culture filled with festivities. The canvas of Indian culture is vast and has hues and brancy of all sorts. Samana exclusively gives you an opportunity to enjoy the true colors of India. If you happen to be in India at the festive season, you will be a part of the celebration. 

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