About us

Samana offers a unique, holistic and customized combination of yoga, ayurveda,  cultural saga,  Vedanta,  Sanskrit and tuning with nature. Come, join this cause-based activity and enjoy the learning accompanied with love and nature. Samana propagates and manifests the flourishing of absconding Indian tradition and cultural heritage. 

In collaboration with Cauvery Sannidhi For Indian Culture

Affiliated to S-Vyasa Yoga University

Our Purpose

Samana is exclusively owned and run by the young women entrepreneurs –  the teenage girl students of Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam having age 16-20. SAMANA retreat is the financial wing of the Gurukulam; all the fee which comes to Samana goes to the Gurukulam. Samana also contributes in holistic development of the Indian girls. Interactive sessions and classes with the Samana participants give girls the first hand experience of teaching, boosts their confidence and broaden the spectrum of their knowledge. The exchange of cultural and lifestyle views develop personality traits in them and creates further a social responsibility to preserve the country/precious/valuable/Indian culture in the young vibrant girls. 


Samana workshop is being conducted in the campus of Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam (www.cauverykanyagurukulam.com). With the holistic motto “As you think, so you become”, the Cauvery kanya gurukulam is a system of ancient education of Indian scriptures in Sanskrit . It enlightens the minds of exogious, selected girls with veda and Upanishad with which they can coincide our Indian custom and be moulded into intellectual beings who can shape the society well. They are made physically, mentally and emotionally strong through activities like yoga, agriculture , music and fine arts.`You can delightfully rejoice the cultural saga of India along with the beautiful, young girls who will accompany you in all the events. This provides you an opportunity to experience the ancient Indian educational system. 

Yogi's presence

The campus of Samana has the divine presence of a Yogi,  Swami Visharadananda Ji, a noted researcher and scholar in Advaita Vedantic and Yogic studies. With a glorious legacy of teachers including Swami Dayananda Saraswati Ji. He has been manifesting His universal consciousness. Blessing and guiding the Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam, he has been giving insightful discourses on Vedanta texts, which create a wonderful opportunity for the students to reflect upon their lifestyle and practise the Vedantic values.  His concern and support for the Gurukulam is quite palpable through his noble act of teaching and lovable acts of distributing sweets to the students.  Hence,  it is a heavenly bliss to have his ultimate presence in the Ashram. 


Apoorva K S

Founder Director


Dr. K K Subramani

Founder Aacharya



Yoga Therapist

Kalpana- Samana

Kalpana Amma

Head administration

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