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Samana is a unique retreat which aspires to preserve Indian culture and spread its fragrance all over the world through its insightful and enjoyable sequence of classes and activities.

Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Vedanta and Indian Cultural Retreats and Courses

Samana invites you to be a part of their retreats and courses exclusively run by young women on the banks of Cauvery river in its serene and lush green Gurukulam atmosphere.

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Stay in the beautiful serene banks of the river Cauvery and have a beautiful solitude time, attain inner peace and feel the soothing air. Check more

Online Classes

Sanskrit is a very soothing , melodious, beautiful and charming language. Samana provides you to learn Sanskrit through online video classes. 

Vedic School

With the holistic motto “As you think, so you become”, the Cauvery kanya gurukulam is a system of ancient education of Indian scriptures in Sanskrit  Check more

The inward jouney

Samana offers unique, holistic and customized Yoga retreats for you to experience the Indian Culture. You get to learn and experience the Indian rituals and the deep rooted value system. Samana enables you to embrace the Indian Culture in all its facets through its knowledge, food, attire and art forms.

Experience a healthy lifestyle in a positive atmosphere. Get an opportunity to hear enchanting Sanskrit Language. Practice Karma Yoga – Selfless Action & Bhakti Yoga – Tame your emotions.

Come, take a journey inward to discover yourself.

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Host your retreat at our space

Be a part of Samana family by conducting your own retreat in our serene Gurukulam atmosphere.

The picture about India through media is different but after I came to Samana, my perspective of India has completely changed. Their culture is so rich; the people are so warm and their hearts are very pure.

Agnes Wu, Taiwan

Apoorva is more like a friend and is very careful and particular in giving us the best. Appa and amma and the entire Samana family are so warm and it makes me feel like my very own Indian family.

Yongli, Singapore

The classes by Aacharya and Vishwajith has deepened my knowledge about life and yoga. Their classes are lively, interactive and they give relative examples to make us understand the concepts clearly.

Selda Kalkavan, Turkey

The food in Samana is very clean, delicious, healthy and made with lot of love. It is hard to resist the food here. If I skip the Asana class, I’m sure to put on some weight. I want to come back to this school again .

Elaine, China

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